Virbac Flyaway Insecticidal Spray For Horses (500ml)
Kills and repels flies and nuisance insects. Can be applied to horse and surroundings for integrated fly and nuisance insect control. Aids in the control of Queensland Itch and used for the treatment of nuisance insects such as Bush flies...
Vetsense Flygon Insecticidal And Repellant Spray For Dogs And Horses (500ml)
Flygon is a spray on fly insecticide made with a combination of natural Pyrethrins, Citronella Oil and synergists in a low irritant oil base. Repels flies and mosquitoes on horses, dogs, cattle and pigs.
Troy Chloromide Antiseptic Pump Spray For Animals (500ml)
Troy Chloromide Spray is a unique antiseptic spray which is specifically designed in treating topical infections, wounds, bacterial skin disease, cuts and grazes in dogs and other animals including horses, pigs, sheep and dogs. This product is also an insect repellant and...
Outdoor Complete Insect Glue Trap (5 Pack)
Yellow Sticky Trap (17cm wide x 24cm high), this bright yellow colour combines with special “dry glue” sends out a colour wavelength that attracts and traps flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies (male & female), white flies, black flies, wasps, midges, aphids...
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