Tropical Weekend Food For Fishes (20g)
Tropical Weekend Food tablets do not easily disintegrate in water. When placed in the tank, they soften very slowly, encouraging fish and shrimps to feed. Can also be used in nano-aquaria. They will last for up to 10 days. Note: Use only...
Tropical Goldfish Colour Pallet
An exceptionally rich formula of goldfish colour pellet has been developed to match sophisticated dietary needs of cyprinids, ensuring their proper growth, development and excellent condition. Natural carotenoids including easily assimilable astaxanthin, intensify coloration, especially red, orange and yellow colours. The...
Tropical Green Algae Wafers
This serves as a perfect dietary supplementation for omnivorous bottom feeding fish, freshwater and marine crustaceans. The wafers do not disintegrate in water (they retain their texture and do not fall apart when soaked), which makes crustaceans' feeding much easier....
Tropical Supervit Mini Granulat
The immune system of fish and crustaceans is enhanced by beta-glucan and stabilised vitamin C. Supervit Mini Granulat proves useful in feeding nano fish due to its small size, rich formula and the fact that the granules don't disintegrate in...
Tropical Goldfish Colour Flakes
A high share of fibre, from grass mixture among other sources, facilitates proper functioning of a long alimentary tract of this group of fish while L-carnitine regulates fat metabolism, ensuring fat’s optimal utilisation. Wheat germs are the source of valuable...
Tropical Supervit Flakes
Eight different types of flakes contain i.a. natural immune stimulator – beta-glucan – and spirulina, squid, and crustaceans, including tasty krill. Immunity is also enhanced by stabilised vitamin C. Natural carotenoids intensify fish's coloration and enhance the overall condition of...
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